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Keeping on

It was pointed out to me that it's been some time since I posted and that my last post was news of heart issues. I'm glad to say that so far this year, the heart thing has been a non-issue. The cardiologist tweaked some blood pressure meds I was on, changing one to a calcium channel blocker that also worked as a BP med, and so far in 2015, the tachycardia hasn't shown up.

So what have I been up to? I check in on LJ every week or so and mostly stay up on posts, but the urge to update typically only hits when I can't do so. :/ I've been busy with dogs and dog training and editing work and family and everything else one does to keep on keeping on. This has been a year of puppies--following on a year of puppies. In 2014, I added Hammer, Vida, and Xan to my household, then followed up with Journey and Pirate this year. And Sagan, a Border Collie pup, snuck in this summer, despite all good intentions. Keeping up with 5 young dogs is encouraging me to exercise more, at least.

Oops, I got distracted, did about 20 things, and now I have to get offline to go get a hair cut. Gotta run!

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Raccoon attack on puppies

I heard the most horrific story today. A miniature schnauzer breeder and veterinarian had 2 litters of pups under 8 weeks of age who were about 10 days apart in age (12 pups). They were outside in an ex-pen in the yard in the daytime.

The breeder's son heard puppies screaming and ran outside to find that a racoon had gotten in with the pups and killed 3 and injured a couple of others.The son ran the pups to the vet's office, and the racoon got away. After they had the pups that survived, everyone who had contact with the pups had to get rabies shots or boosters. But the Game and Wildlife commission said that the pups would have to be either quarantined with no human contact for 6 months or they would have to be all euthanized because of the risk of rabies. They ended up euthanizing them all.

Such a scary story--and it makes me just want to cry. I can't even imagine. This was in Maryland, fwiw.

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This is my "sorta rescue" -- she was for sale on Craigslist in Ohio and her breeder contacted me and asked if I could help out. (Her owner had not contacted the breeder before listing her for sale.) With the help of some friends, I bought her and brought her home with the intention of figuring out where she needed to be. Not sure yet, but she might just need to stay with me. :)

She turned 2 years old on November 16--I brought her home the night of November 17th. This is Astur on November 18th:

Astur, standing by a tree, looking very dull-coated, and with no muscle tone

This is Astur on January 18:

Astur, a large female sable GSD,  shiny and healthy and happy

Astur - a large black sable female GSD, shiny, healthy, happy
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Couch-to-5k continues....

Did workout 15, 16, 17, then slacked of a bit--lots of muscle pain in my back before I started the work out and some intense hurting throughout. Took it easy for Workout 18, then skipped 2 days and went 3 days in a row while at the farm. Bumped myself up to Week 2 of the "official" Couch-to-5k program--so 90 seconds of running then 2 minutes of walking (iirc). This means 6 run sets instead of 8. The landscape at the farm is much more interesting--get to go somewhere instead of just running the loop around my property. And it was very cool this weekend--I had no problems with breath or with getting all of the run sets in. Did have some sacroiliac and IT band/thigh/hip pain. Did a lot of careful stretching. So, that takes me up to Workout 21. Felt really good to get out and wrulk (run/walk) at the farm--beautiful weather and I feel better for the rest of the day after I get a workout in. I'm starting to *want* to go work out.

Here's a picture of my "traveling posse" - Oda and Nemi -- and the gorgeous day at the farm.

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c25k Day 5

Rainy day today--made it much more pleasant, other than the humidity. Did 5 run sets, was working through cramps around my IT ban--maybe in the tensor fasciae latae? I'm pretty sure the way to reduce this pain is to strengthen the muscles all around my hips, thighs, lower back, core.... which is well started by, well, walking/running--which I'm doing. So. Keep on keeping on. Will also stretch well this evening. I'm planning on joining a yoga class that is starting up after the July 4 holiday--they have a drop-in option, so I might do that at first.

No ankle pain and just a ghost of a thought of pain in my left knee on the first uphill.